How To Become A Police Officer In Wisconsin

To be a law enforcement agent or as better known as a police officer in the state of Wisconsin, dedication and perseverance is needed to reach the goal of becoming a defender of justice and citizens of the state. Having the burden of keeping peace and order in the state is not easy to obtain but the end result is always fulfilling. Not only will the applicants need to pass an application process with strict guidelines but also undergo training in a police academy to learn skills that will be beneficial on their job.

Requirements needed to become a police officer in Wisconsin

  • Holder of a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Must a citizen of the United States
  • Must have a valid driver’s license in the state of Wisconsin
  • Does not have any previous felony or convictions
  • Must have at least 2 years associate degree from an accredited college
  • Has good moral character
  • Provide a personal medical history

Process needed to become a police officer in Wisconsin
Submit an application to the police department of the applicant’s choice and wait for opening in employment when available

Take and pass a physical fitness test which will test the candidate’s endurance and strength is an important factor of a police officer and is a big deciding factor to get accepted

Pass an oral interview by a panel of the employing agency

The candidate will be subjected to a background check conducted by the agency

Undergo a medical, psychological and drug testing that will be conducted by certified health care provider that is approved by the police department

Pass a written civil service test that will test the candidate if he/she has what it takes to be a servant in the community he/she will be assigned for work.

After being selected for the employment, the candidate will then need to attend a Wisconsin police academy training that will teach the candidates with the necessary skills needed like firearms training, shooting range training, and classroom classes.


  • Through the background check that will result for 3 years disqualification
  • Disqualified through medical, psychological and drug testing may not apply for 4 years
  • Failing the oral interview will result to a 1 year disqualification