How To Become A Police Officer In Washington

Serving the country with virtue and dedication are pretty much the trait needed in a police officer. They must show dedication by maintaining peace in the community as well as maintaining peace in the roads. Dedication to keep the people in the community as safe as can be by guarding them from any possible crimes or troubles. The police officers must also uphold the law in a great esteem so that they will be positive role models of the generation that looks up to them. In Washington, where a lot of lawmakers reside, needs more than ever for their police officers to uphold these traits and be positive examples in the state and also across the country.

Minimum requirements of a police officer in Washington:

  1. Have a valid, unrestricted driver’s license in Washington
  2. Must be at least 19 ½ years old in the time of employment
  3. A citizen of the United States
  4. Must be a holder of a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)
  5. Has good vision
  6. No illegal drugs or narcotics in the system
  7. Willing to work weekends, holidays and rotating shifts
  8. Height and weight must be proportionate
  9. Has a good sense between right and wrong
  10. Good personal hygiene
  11. Meets financial obligation
  12. Willing to be assigned in different areas of the state
  13. Can do basic math problems accurately
  14. Has good moral character
  15. Have good physical abilities, traits and skills
  16. Can work in different weather conditions

Hiring Process of a police officer in Washington:

  • Phase One – After the application, the applicant must pass two written tests and physical fitness test
    • Written test – to test the applicant’s judgment and common sense (first test) and to evaluate skills in writing and comprehension (second test)
    • Physical fitness test – the test includes a sit-ups, push-ups and 1.5 mile run
  • Phase Two – After completing phase one, you will then undergo an oral interview which consist of general personal background questions and as well as situational questions
  • Phase Three – Consist of a polygraph test and followed by a thorough background check which includes contacting personal references, neighbor and employer and is completed for about 2 to 3 months
  • Phase Four – Consist of a medical examination, psychological test and a psychological interview with the department psychologist