How To Become A Police Officer In Utah

Police officers have a responsibility to the people that they have pledge their life to. They took oaths to ensure that they are honest, loyal and have the integrity to be of service in protecting the peace and providing safety to its fellow men. Those people that have entered the vocation know what they are getting themselves into and that their life will always be at stake whenever they step out their homes and in their uniforms. Utah, have an active police force that do their utmost tasks in the best of their abilities. They have been trained in the police academy to obtain skills and knowledge that is needed in dealing with the people of the state.

Requirements needed to become a police officer in the state of Utah

  • Have a driver’s license of the state of Utah
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • A citizen of the United States
  • Must have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)
  • No felony or criminal charges prior to the application

Steps need to become a police officer in the state of Utah

1st Step:
The applicants must apply to the law enforcement agency of their choice and then they must pass the basic requirements that that the agency required before considering you to proceed with the next step.

2nd Step:
The applicant must then enroll to a law enforcement certification program. The applicant can then choose where to get the certification program. There are two choices which are the Utah Peace Officers Standards and Training Academy and the Utah Law Enforcement Academy at Weber State University in Ogden. National Peace Officer Selection Testing exam is conducted and is required before you are admitted to the program.

3rd Step:
The applicants will then be able to apply to a police department where they will be tested into three parts namely: a written aptitude test to test the knowledge of the applicant of the job. A physical fitness test is conducted which is a pass or fail exam. Thirdly, an oral interview will be conducted under a panel of judges to figure out if the applicant has the traits required to become a police officer.

4th Step:
The applicant will need to constantly check the police department if you are part of the eligibility list.