How To Become A Police Officer in Texas

Police officers are citizens of a particular state, who are given the full responsibility to enforce laws and maintain peace and order in their assigned communities. Here, in Texas, one can vividly see several police officers doing their everyday tasks. Some of them are patrolling while others work as traffic commands. So, is becoming a police officer in Texas that easy? The answer is YES, for those who have been good in their life, but for those who aren’t, it’s a big NO.

Here are the four steps and the general requirements on how to become a police officer in Texas:

  2. Among the basic requirements are age, physical agility, education, citizenship and good moral character.

    • Must be at least 20 years old
    • He/She must have a high school diploma or equivalent credits
    • Some big cities requires you one semester of college or 60 credit hours
    • He must have good moral characteristics without crimes committed and without felony convictions.
    • Must be a US citizen with permanent residency status
    • Eligible to drive and must have an active Driver’s License
  4. One must proceed to an undergraduate program to be able to have an edge over the others. Undergraduates or with associate’s degree can learn many things like:

    • Relation Discipline
    • Law Enforcement
    • Crime Justice

    These are just few of the things that one can learn if he/she will further his/her studies.

  6. Schools and universities in Texas offer police training program. Since most of the schools are accredited, one can get a certification at the end of the training. Having the certification is an edge in applying for any police officer jobs in Texas. The training includes learning basic lessons like in becoming a police officer in California:

    • One’s Civil rights
    • State and Local Laws
    • Crime Investigation
    • Constitutional Laws
  8. The final stage of the application process is to get a passing score in the series of exams to be given. In this step all the necessary examination requirements to become a police officer is given to the aspiring individuals. This ensures the competence of the applicant. The series of examinations includes:

    • Oral and Written language proficiency
    • Physical and phsychological test
    • Hearing and vision test
    • Lie Detector test
    • Drug Test

The four stages are strictly implemented in all precincts and police offices, especially in Dallas and in Arlington. So if you want to be a police officer, see to it that you can pass all those exams before processing your application.


  • skiler

    do you have to have any collage credits to get in the police academy

    • You can work to get your credit bteter (pay off all your bills on time..) As for the Law Enforcement question Yes it looks bad on an application. They don’t want someone who is susceptible to bribes or other nefarious activities. Having bad credit could be that in a desperate situation you may resort to getting money illegally. If you show you are solid.. worked things out.. it will show that you had problems and could fix them.

  • Ken

    I am 19 and am thinking about being a police officer im going to get a criminal justice degree first so i will be 21 by the time i apply. i had a under age possesion of alcohol (a beer in my hand) and 2 brake tag tickets on my record does that disqualify me from being a police officer?

    • Gary

      If you where convicted of a class b misdemeanor for the alcohol. Then no. You would have to wait 10 years from conviction

      • Gary

        I mean yes. Lol meant no as in you wouldn’t be able to become a officer

  • Sway

    I have applied to several police agencies and i have been pursing this for over a year. do agencies take into consideration how many times you have been declined a position. All of my rejects have been due to non selection, not pertaining to failing any written or physical

  • jose

    I am blind from one eye could i still be a cop

  • Ralph Wiggum

    My cat’s breath smells like cat food. Can I still be a policeman?

  • i think this will be very good for me.