How To Become A Police Officer In South Carolina

South Carolina is located in the Southeastern part of the country. South Carolina enjoys a subtropical climate and their economy is steadily rising now that they have regained themselves from the recession that struck the country a few years back. Their government policies are pretty tight and that is why police officers in the state are trained to be strict and to follow the law and rules without question. Police officers in the state are trained with different skills so that they will be equipped to keep the citizens safe and away from harm. The citizens are happy with this setup and they trust their police officers with anything that comes up. It is no wonder that a lot of people join the force because of the fulfillment they can obtain while on the job.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Have a GED or high school diploma
  2. Must be at least 21 years old
  3. Must be a US citizen
  4. No bad credit history
  5. Have a valid South Carolina driver’s license
  6. Have no prior criminal records
  7. Have not received a driving ticket prior to application

What you need to do to become a police officer:

Meet the minimum requirements before application.

You will need to apply online and supply the necessary information being asked then wait for confirmation for an available job for you.

You will undergo two exams, the written exam and physical ability exam. The written exam tests your reading, written and math skills while the physical ability exam will test the applicant’s strength, agility and flexibility ability.

An oral interview will then be conducted in front of a panel.

You will be subjected to a psychological and medical exam which includes a vision test.

A polygraph test will identify if you have lied with your application and a drug test will check if you are under any illegal drugs at present.

You will go to a 12 week training conducted in the police academy. In here, you will learn different skills that will be useful for you on the job.

After completing the training, you will then begin to work as a police officer that protects the people in South Carolina.