How To Become A Police Officer In Pennsylvania

Serving your community is probably one of the most fulfilling things anyone can do. Doing a good deed without anything in return is truly a selfless act that must be shared to other people so that they will be influenced by it in a positive way. A great example for this is the police officers because they dedicate their life to protect the peace and to provide a safe environment for all the people of the community. This not only is twenty four hour job but they also risk their lives every day to continue to bring peace and prosperity in the community. This is not easy to do but they do it because they want to and they made an oath to do just that without reservations or doubts. In states like Pennsylvania, their police officer upholds this oath and they do it with pride and dedication.

The selection procedure in order to become a police officer in Pennsylvania:

  1. Application – applicants must meet the requirements in order to become eligible for the job, these requirements are as follow:

    1. At least 21 years old prior to application

    2. Have a high school diploma or GED plus a 60 semester credits hours from an accredited college

    3. A US citizen

    4. Possess a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license

  2. Qualifying Examinations – the applicants will then be given schedules and location of where they will take the exams

  3. Eligibility List – the scores will then be put into account when the recruiters chooses a selected applicants to proceed further with the steps

  4. Physical Readiness Test – the selected applicants will be given a schedule to perform the following tests in order to pass this round:

    1. Bench press

    2. 1.5 mile run

    3. Vertical jump

    4. Push-ups

    5. 300 meter run

    6. Agility run

  5. Polygraph Exam – this is conducted to further know about the applicants past and their behavior is appropriate for the job

  6. Background Investigation – this is conducted comprehensively which will identify for any records that might not be appropriate for the job

  7. Medical and Psychological Processing – this includes a drug screening test to ensure that the applicant is free from any illegal drugs as well as physically fit and psychologically sane to perform the job well

  8. Appointment – after passing all the test, you are then be eligible for appointment