How To Become A Police Officer In Oregon

Police officers are the heroes of today. They risk their lives every day to ensure that the people of the community will be safe from any trouble and crime. They provide the kind of safety that makes all the people satisfied that they will be safe in their communities and in their own homes. Police officers in Oregon do just that. They keep themselves busy by always keeping on their toes and keep watch of their charges that everything is safe for their people. This said, it comes to no surprise that becoming a police officer is not easy and needs extensive training as well as passing different exams. Even though it is difficult to get in, there are still a lot of people that chooses this profession because of the fulfillment they get out of the job.

Minimum Requirements needed to become a police officer in Oregon:

  1. At least 21 years old or older
  2. Must be a US citizen
  3. Must have high school diploma or GED
  4. Is in good physical and mental condition
  5. Have a valid driver’s license in Oregon
  6. Of good moral character

The process you need to do to become a police officer in Oregon:

  1. Online application needs to be filled up first then wait for reply to proceed with the next step
  2. Your application will be check if you have passed their minimum qualifications and will be informed of the results after
  3. You will then be scheduled for an entry level testing which includes physical ability testing and written examination
    1. Physical ability testing is a pass or fail that consist of push-ups, sit-ups, and a two mile run
    2. The written examination is timed and test the applicant’s reading comprehension, math, spelling and vocabulary abilities
  4. A screening is done with what the recruiter have gathered from the previous steps and will see if you are deem worthy to go to the next step
  5. You will then be submitted to a background investigation which includes a polygraph test and fingerprinting
  6. A final selection is then set to evaluate the applicant’s entire packet and see if the individual is really up for the job
  7. You will then be interviewed by the Commander before finalizing the job
  8. Final approval will rest on the decision of the Superintendent