How To Become A Police Officer In Ohio

In every place that you encounter, there are always police officers scattered and ready to be a helping hand whenever there is a possibility of a problem. Peace and order does not come easily and without violence. The police officers not only protect us from crime and harm but they also lead by example in following the law and to be good citizens in the community. In the state of Ohio, this holds true in every sense that police officers are over there. Their police officers are trustworthy and capable of taking care and running the state in an orderly and safely manner.

Minimum Requirements needed to become a police officer in the state of Ohio

  • Must provide a high school diploma or GED
  • Requires a valid driver’s license of the state of Ohio
  • Must be a US citizen

Application Process needed to become a police officer in the state of Ohio

  1. Police Training Academy – Enroll in the police training academy which will enable the candidate to learn the functions and tasks of a police officer.
  2. Complete the training – After enrolling, you must then complete the training which is designed to train the candidate to learn the different facets of a police officer. This is also to enables the candidates to be equipped with skills that will come in handy during the job.
  3. Ohio Police Officer’s Certificate Test – The candidate needs to register to take this test and wait for the schedule of the test. The test will be scored within two weeks and the applicant must pass this test to become eligible as a police officer.
  4. Physical Examination – The candidates are then required to take a physical exam that will test the candidate’s agility, flexibility and stamina that are important in the job.
  5. Background Check – Prior to the final stage of the application process, the candidates must first pass a thorough background check that is conducted by the police agency. This check also includes a polygraph test. This is to ensure that the candidate have no prior criminal records before considering to accent you in the agency.
  6. Apply to the Agency – The candidate can now then apply to the choice of law enforcement agency you want.