How To Become A Police Officer In North Dakota

Whenever you hear or see police officers in the vicinity, you just can’t help but feel comforted and safe. Knowing that they are there to help whenever a need or problem arises makes you feel that everything will turn out fine. To most people, that is what police officers are meant to them. The police officers are the embodiment of everything that is good and just in the community. This also holds true in North Dakota or the Peace Garden State having police officers as their role models.

These are the process needed to become a Police Officer in North Dakota:

  1. You need to submit your application with your resume to the law enforcement agency.
  2. A written examination will then be scheduled to test and measure the applicant’s critical skills, reading comprehension and writing skills.
  3. A written personality exam is tested to know the applicant’s attitude and interest of the job. After the personality test, you will do the oral interview next. This is to test the applicant’s communication skills which are an important trait to have of a police officer.
  4. A complete and thorough background check is done to figure out if the applicant is really suitable for job. This will be tested on honesty, integrity and willingness to protect and serve the people of the community.
  5. A physical examination includes a drug screening test will be conducted by the department physician.
  6. A psychological test is handled by an approved psychologist who will determine if the applicant is mentally capable to handle the job and its stressors.
  7. There will then be a physical agility test to figure out if the applicant is flexible and conditioned to do the strenuous part of the job.
  8. You will then complete a BLET or Basic Law Enforcement Training which will both be in written form or hands on.

Qualifications and requirements to become a Police Officer in North Dakota:

  • Must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)
  • Have no prior criminal records including driving records
  • A citizen of the United States
  • Have a valid driver’s license in North Dakota
  • Not prohibited in using firearms in the state