How To Become A Police Officer In North Carolina

“It is a tough job.” That is what we usually think when we hear the words police officer. We know how life threatening and risky the job is but we still could not figure out why people would still want to become a police officer to the state of North Carolina. Some says it is satisfying and some admits it as a fulfilling job and maybe they are right. Being able to serve the community is indeed something to be proud of and worth all the risk you will experience along the way.

Minimum requirements needed to become a police officer in North Carolina:

  1. A United States citizen
  2. Have a valid North Carolina driver’s license
  3. A high school diploma holder or passed the GED
  4. Must be a legal resident in North Carolina
  5. Must be at least 20 years old

Steps needed to become a police officer in North Carolina:

Step one:
Acquire the minimum requirements needed which are listed above to proceed with the next step.

Step two:
A thorough background check will be conducted and the results must satisfactory and above. Your moral character must be good and fingerprinting is included in this step.

Step three:
A medical and psychological test will be conducted by a certified doctor and psychiatrist to examine if the applicant will be able to perform the duties of a police officer and if the applicant is suitable for the job.

Step four:
The drug screening test must have a negative result or you will be disqualified with the application won’t be able to go with the next step.

Step five:
You will undergo an interview with the agency’s department head or representative to ensure that you know what the job entails and if you are ready for it. The applicant will be judged by their communication skills, attitude and demeanor on how they handle the interview.

Step six:
You will then undergo a training program specifically with the use of firearms. This is important because North Carolina has a law that simply means that you need to qualify with the use of an approved handgun at least once a year.

Step seven:
You will then be offered the job after passing all previous steps. It will then be up to the applicant’s decision whether to accept the job offer or not.