How To Become A Police Officer In New York

Working as a police officer means that you protect the peace and enforces law in the community. This does not mean that the work will all go to the police officer. It is a two-way street and in order to enhance the community’s quality of life, both the community and the police officer need to work together. The state of New York follows that mission. Their police officers must possess a leadership quality in order to gain trust in the community and can provide a great job in the field.

The state of New York follows a set of values that they must follow and uphold:

  • Ensuring that everyone’s needs are met with a conscientious service and utmost dedication
  • Integrity must be maintained with a standard that must be above than the average citizen
  • Enforces law and protects the citizens from crime
  • Human life is valued
  • Influence and inspire the community to do well
  • Continue to learn and be updated with the latest on the job

To become a police officer in New York, you must have the minimum requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED holder
  • At least 20 years old and not more than 29 years old
  • A resident of the state of New York
  • A citizen of the United States
  • Have a valid driver’s license in New York

Process in becoming a police officer in the state of New York:

  1. The minimum requirements required during application must be met
  2. 60 credits in college must be earn before appointment
  3. Eyesight must be normal or correction devices like eyeglasses can be used but only with the agency’s standard
  4. Having a net appearance is mandatory and tattoos that can be seen visibly when wearing the uniform will be disqualified in the application
  5. Passing the written exam will be needed to proceed with the application
  6. A Physical Ability Test (PAT) which consist of push-ups, sit-ups and 1.5 mile run is to test your strength and agility
  7. A medical examination will be taken by a licensed health care provider that is approved by the agency
  8. Complete and pass a 28 weeks training at the police academy which will then be followed by 10 weeks field training