How To Become A Police Officer In New Jersey

Police officers took an oath before they have been given their badge. This oath is intended for their function to preserve the life of innocents by protecting them from harm and crime. To settle discord in the community they serve and to solve crimes around the neighborhood. This is what a police officer is destined to become when they don their uniforms and badge. This doesn’t come easy but with proper training from the police academy, then they will be equipped to do those things and more.

Process to become a police officer in New Jersey:

  1. Check their State Police for a job opening
  2. Pass their minimum requirements:
    1. At least 25 years old and not more than 35
    2. A bachelor’s degree holder or 90 credits prior to application
    3. Have a valid driver’s license in the state
    4. US citizen
    5. Have no visible tattoos on their exposed skin
    6. Do not use drugs
  3. The applicants will be considered to join the Pre-Employment Preparation Program (PEPP) which is to demonstrate the exercises used for evaluating on the Physical Qualification Test (PQT)
  4. Physical Qualification Test (PQT) is done to evaluate the applicant’s endurance, flexibility and agility. This test is divided into four events:
    1. A 75 Yard Pursuit Run – to evaluate endurance
    2. A 1.5 Mile Run – aerobic capacity is evaluated here
    3. Push-ups – to evaluate muscular strength
    4. Sit-ups – trunk strength in evaluated in this event
  5. To test the applicant’s reading comprehension and writing skills, a written examination will be conducted
  6. Will undergo a thorough background check to figure out if there are recriminating records or history that might hinder to do the job well
  7. A medical and psychological exam will then be conducted by an approved licensed health professional in order to evaluate for possible disorder or diseases that might hamper the ability to perform certain functions of a police officer
  8. There will then be a 2-day weekend program that will be mostly on instructions on what they expect and on what are expected on them in the police academy

After passing the medical and psychological examination, you can now then proceed with the training at the Police Academy