How To Become A Police Officer In Nevada

Becoming a police officer is a job that requires the ability to not think of one self but of others. Protecting and serving others are a trait that the law enforcement strive to instill in their police officers. It is important that the law enforcement agency starts to instill these traits early on especially on their training. Developing and meeting the standards that the state issued is one of the many things that a police officer must grasp to be successful on the job. The state of Nevada is one of those states that provide quality police officers that adheres to the statutes and regulation that their agency have established.

Stages on becoming a police officer:
Stage 1

  • Prospective applicants must attend a seminar in order for to be aware of what the job is all about

Stage 2

  • The applicants will then be evaluated if their minimum requirements meet the agency’s standards by the selection process. These include the following:
    1. Screening of applications
    2. A mandatory seminar will be scheduled which will is to as a one day of police training
    3. A personal screening questionnaire will then be handed out and must be completed
    4. A written exam to test oral and reading comprehension
    5. Passing the physical fitness test
    6. Oral interview to test verbal skills of the applicant
    7. An approval by the Civil Service Board will then be issued after passing the exams

Stage 3

  • A thorough background investigation is conducted in order to meet the state of Nevada’s hiring standard, and these include:
    1. An interview will be conducted to explore more of the applicant’s history
    2. A psychological examination is done to know if the applicant can handle the stress and workload that a police officer will undertake
    3. A polygraph test is used to know that the applicant is honest with his/her information
    4. A medical examination and passing the drug testing will be done to figure out for possible diseases or disorders that might hinder the applicant’s function as a police officer

Stage 4

  • A final evaluation is done to check the entire applicant’s entire information and select the best possible candidates to move forward and do the training

Minimum requirement on becoming a police officer:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid Nevada driver’s license
  • At least 18 years of age
  • A US citizen


  • Antonio Visage

    Awesome! When I am older I want to move to Las Vegas and I hope to get a job there as a cop. This was really helpful. Thank you to whoever made it