How To Become A Police Officer In Nebraska

The state of Nebraska or some call it the Cornhusker State lives by on a motto that states, “Equality before the law.” This is a sentiment that their law enforcement believes and go by. The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) is one of those agencies that is dedicated to provide police officers that are trained and educated that reaches the standards made by the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. They train police officers that hold their motto to heart and bring this in every task they will partake. Being a police officer is no easy feat so becoming one will require the applicant’s will and dedication. Rigorous training, thorough background checks and physical examinations are just some of the requirements that an applicant must pass in order to sail through as a police officer in Nebraska.

Steps to become a police officer in Nebraska

  1. Meet all necessary requirements and make sure that you meet the minimum qualifications that is required to become a police officer
    1. These minimum requirements are as follows:
      • Provide a valid driver’s license in the state of Nebraska
      • At least 21 years old
      • Must be a US citizen
      • A high school graduate or its equivalent (GED)
      • Of good moral conduct
      • Have no previous criminal records
      • No recreational substance in the applicant’s system for at least 2 years prior the application
  2. A thorough background check will be conducted by the Nebraska police officer in order to know of the entire applicant’s history or records prior the application and also includes driving history
  3. A full physical examination is done by a licensed physician that is approved by the Nebraska Law Enforcement agency to check for possible diseases or disorders that might hinder the applicant from performing the job to its utmost potential
  4. A physical fitness test that the applicant must pass to proceed with the application process which includes sit-ups, bench press and a 1 mile run
  5. You will then undergo police training at the Nebraska police academy that will last for 14 weeks; this will teach the applicant of the basics and necessary skills needed to become a police officer
  6. After graduating the training program, you can now then be able to apply at the Nebraska police departments as a police officer.