How To Become A Police Officer In Montana

Police officers or some call as protectors are hired by the state to provide to protect and uphold the peace in the community. They serve as a first defense against possible terrorist and they also have the task to solve crimes and troubles. The job of a police officer is difficult and requires for them to risk their lives every day but it is a fulfilling job as well. More and more people are applying for the job not only because it pays well but also because of the fulfillment that they can get from the job.

Prerequisites on becoming a police officer in Montana:

  • At least 18 years old or older
  • US citizen
  • Completing high school or GED
  • Clean criminal record
  • Good moral character
  • Has a valid Montana driver’s license

Application process on becoming a police officer in Montana:

Review all your requirements to check if it is complete before applying. Contact also the Montana Law Enforcement agency and ask to be in the recruiting waitlist.

Fill out the application during the recruitment period and make sure that you fill out all information and provide copies of the requirements.

A Written Test will then be scheduled for you to take which is a 75-minute exam that will assess your reading comprehension, writing skills and mathematical abilities. You must pass this exam before proceeding to the next step.

Montana Physical Fitness Test that will test your agility and flexibility. Failing this exam will disqualify your application.

A Two Part Interview is conducted that you must pass. The first interview will be one-on-one that will assess your qualification for the job, and then a panel interview will be conducted to assess your knowledge on Montana state law.

A Background Check is required of the applicant to check for previous criminal records and this check includes a fingerprint scan and driving history.

A thorough Medical and Psychological Examination is next to find out of if the applicant is physically and mentally competent for the job.

You will then undergo a 12-week Training Program where you will learn the basics. After the training program, you will be on probation for a year before becoming a permanent police officer in the state of Montana.