How to Become a Police Officer in Missouri

Becoming a police officer in Missouri takes a lot of courage and guts because it can be dangerous and life threatening for you and your family especially being part of the law enforcement team. An officer of peace is responsible in enforcing the laws in order to maintain peace in the neighborhood and in the whole community.


  • 21 year of age or above
  • Citizen of the United States
  • Presents a High School diploma or GED certification
  • Has a driver’s license
  • Must have a clean background report (no criminal or drug related cases)
  • Physically and psychologically fit

Steps on how to apply become a Police Officer in Missouri:

1. Must meet the necessary requirements

  • The first step to become a police officer is meet the requirement such as the age, citizenship, educational attainment, background check, mental health status check, physical test with good vision and hearing, drug test and a polygraph test to verify important data’s and informations.

2. Enroll in the Police Academy Training

  • Before the aspiring police can take the Missouri Peace Officer Licensing Examination (MPOLE), he/she needs to finish the 6 months formal training curriculum which consists of physical activities and coursework pertaining to laws and other legal-law related subjects. The academy must be recognized by the state council, state commission, state board, state agency or the federal government.

3. Taking and Passing the Examination

  • The examination comprises of 200 questions to test their knowledge and ability to perform their duties as police officers. It is based on principles and job analysis to identify if they possess the knowledge needed to be a Missouri licensed police officer.
  • A minimum score of 70% to pass the Missouri Police Officer License Exam.
  • The breakdowns of the exam are as follows: 11% on Legal studies (Constitutional Law, Missouri Statutory Law and Traffic Law), 14% on Interpersonal Perspectives (Ethics and Professionalism, Domestic Violence and Human Behavior), Technical Studies (Patrol, Jail Population Management, Traffic Accident, Offensive Investigation, Report Writing, First aid and Juvenile Justice and Procedures), 10% on Skill Development (Defensive Tactics, Firearms and Driver Training).

4. Apply for an open position

  • After successful passing the examination the candidate can now apply in any open job position in their local area.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the POST Program at (573) 751-4905.


  • adam jones

    iam in the military and want to become a police officer i am from missouri and i was wondering if i become a police officer i just need a little help for knowing what to do when i get out

  • free

    I believe all people should really carryout their
    own personal background record checks, if a brand new man or woman is likely
    to be popping in and out of their way of life.

  • jon wilsow

    I understand that having a clean background is very important when becoming a police officer in any state. However, having a misdemeanor is a big problem because it is a DWI and I want to know how long it will take, if it is considered, to be a police officer?