How To Become A Police Officer In Mississippi

Police officers are given the job to protect the state or city from crime and injustice. They have been trained to do this task and they are also equipped with set values that they live by. Those values are dedication, loyalty, honesty and hard work. Not all individuals can become police officers. They will need to undergo rigorous training, pass the necessary examinations and be eligible using a set of criteria. Failing them will make you proceed to square one and start all over again. But when you succeed, you will be rewarded to a sense of fulfillment that makes all your training and examination worthwhile. The state of Mississippi or better known as the Hospitality state has its ups and downs in terms of law enforcement. Even though crimes cannot be avoided, the police officers in Mississippi strives to somewhat diminish their odds from crimes and injustice.

Prerequisites you need to become a police officer

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license in the state of Mississippi
  • Must be a high school graduate or have an equivalent (GED)
  • A citizen of the United States At least 21 years of age
  • Has good moral character No previous criminal charges

Immediate disqualifier of becoming a police officer

  • Use of illegal substance
  • Have criminal charges prior to application
  • If formerly convicted Low financial scores
  • Has an honorable discharge from the military

These are the process to do in becoming a police officer in the state of Mississippi

  • Must pass a WRITTEN EXAM  that will determine the applicants reading comprehension and written skills
  • A PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST will be conducted to figure out the compatibility of the applicant and the job
  • PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST is done to establish the applicant’s flexibility and agility
  • A POLYGRAPH TEST will be done to aid for the applicant’s background check
  • A thorough BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION is to be checked for the purpose of checking for any bad records from the applicant
  • An ORAL INTERVIEW is then scheduled for the applicant to determine the applicant’s purpose and determination for the job
  • A DRUG SCREEN will be tested to check for any possibility of illegal substances in the system of the applicant
  • MEDICAL EXAMINATION will be done to check for possible diseases and disorders of the applicant