How To Become A Police Officer In Michigan

Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) enforces the criteria and the standard that will enable an individual be licensed as a police officer in the state. The Commission’s role is to sift through the applications and see if the individual has complied with their set standard. This standard is used not only in recruiting police officers but also with the recruitment from other agencies. MCOLES strives to provide safety to the state of Michigan by ensuring that they set standards for employment, licensing, selection and by regularly contributing to policies that will ensure the safety of the citizens of Michigan.

These are the process required to become a police officer in Michigan:

  1. The minimum requirements for the selection standard by MCOLES must be met which also includes a basic police academy training and experience
    • These are the selection standards that the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) has formulated:
      1. Must be a US citizens
      2. At least 18 years of age
      3. Must have no prior convictions or felony
      4. Of good moral character
      5. Have a valid driver’s license of Michigan
      6. High school diploma or GED
      7. Have good hearing condition
      8. Free from defects, disorders, and diseases
      9. Have normal vision condition
      10. Is mentally and emotionally stable
      11. Provide a fingerprint to check for past criminal records
      12. Pass an oral interview
      13. Drug testing must be passed
        • Test must be negative of controlled substances
        • If found positive or refuses to do the test will not be eligible for the job
      14. Pass the reading and writing test
        • This is required for the testing of the individuals writing skills and reading comprehension which is an important trait of a police officer
      15. Complete police training
        • Can be achieved by going into a police training program approved by MCOLES
      16. Must be physically fit
        • This test is divided into four parts which consists of sit-ups, push-ups, ½ mile run and the vertical jump
      17. License examination must be passed
        • Must be completed within one year since completing the basic training course
  2. Applying for a job of police officer on any law enforcement agencies in Michigan

[NOTE: Police officers that are previously licensed can go directly to MCOLES Recognition of Prior Training and Experience program]