How To Become A Police Officer In Maryland

Maryland is a thriving and bustling state in the U.S. where the population is mostly focused in cities and suburbs. Police officers are dispatched in order to provide safety to its citizens. This is not an easy task especially with a big state to cover so police officers are needed more than ever to provide some assurance of safety and security. Thus, it is not uncommon that recruitments are always welcome in the state but qualifications are placed to provide the best of candidates for the position.

These are the steps to become a Police Officer:

First Step:

Orientation is the first step of the application process. The orientation lasts for 3 hours and the applicant is expected to wear appropriate business attire.

Second Step:

A Fitness Assessment Test will then be conducted after the orientation. This will test the level of physical fitness of the applicant with a set criteria will be used to evaluate an individual.

Third Step:

A Written Examination is conducted to test the applicant’s academic level. A Police Officer Standardized Testing (POST) is used for this part.

Fourth Step:

An Application Form will then be sent to the applicant’s e-mail address. The application form is expected to be completed and mailed to their office along with the requirements.

Fifth Step:

An Oral Interview will then be conducted for the applicants. This will test their dedication and commitment to the task.

Sixth Step:

A Polygraph Test will be done in order to know more about the applicant’s background.

Seventh Step:

A thorough Background Investigation will then be conducted in order to follow through the information gathered from the polygraph test.

Eighth Step:

Medical Testing is the next step of the application process which will be tested for possible dangerous substances.

Ninth Step:

A Police Selection Committee will then evaluate the applicants. They will be in charge of passing or failing an applicant based on the tests conducted throughout the process.


  1. Owns a valid Maryland driver’s license
  2. US Citizen
  3. At east 20 years old
  4. Has a High School diploma or GED
  5. Physically fit
  6. Of good moral character