How To Become A Police Officer in Maine

The state of Maine police officer has these core values that they live by: Compassion, Excellence, Fairness, and Integrity. They have had these values ever since that they have been established more than 80 years ago. Despite the changing times, they still believe in those values which are a very honorable trait to possess on the people that are entrusted to keep the community safe.


  • 21 years of age at the least
  • High school diploma holder or passed the GED
  • Holder of a valid Maine driver’s license
  • Have no prior criminal records
  • Is in good condition (physically and mentally)

Steps and Procedure to Become

Pass the ALERT Test

Before applying, the applicant must first pass the ALERT Test which comprises of multiple choice questions that test the applicant’s writing skills and reading ability. A passing grade is required before moving on with the application. Failing the exam will automatically disqualify the applicant.

Physical Fitness Test

A Physical Fitness Test is the next part of the process which will be conducted prior to the application of placement on the Employment Register. The test is divided into three (3) events which are the:

  • Push-up test which is timed for 1 minute
  • Sit-up test which is timed for 1 minute, and
  • 1.5 mile run

[Note: the Physical Fitness Test is a pass or fail test. Failure to pass one event will invalidate your application.]

Evaluation of Application

A Board will then review your applications and check if you have passed their minimum requirements. Failure to meet their standard will disqualify the applicant.

Oral Board Examination

After the individual has passed the application evaluation, he/she will then need to pass an Oral Board Examination which will test their skills on commitment, dedication, judgment and tact that is needed to become a successful police officer. This Oral Board Examination is also a pass/fail part of the application process. Failing this exam will disqualify the application of the individual.

NOTE: In order to reapply, the individual must first wait 6 months since the date of disqualification.