How To Become A Police Officer in Louisiana

Louisiana police officers have a long and rich history since it began in 1922. Since then, the organization has grown and has upheld their values and vision which is to ensure safety to the people in the state of Louisiana. Becoming a police officer is a difficult task to undertake so careful consideration must be made before deciding anything.


  • 18 years of age
  • A United State citizen
  • A minimum of:
    • Two years experience as a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)
    • Sixty semester hours from an authorized college or university
    • Three years of active military duty done continuously, or
    • Eight consecutive years of full-time government employee whether it be federal, state or local government
  • Of good moral character
  • Owns a valid Louisiana driver’s license

Application Process:

  1. Do the entrance exam which the applicant must pass before going further with the application process. Failure to pass the exam can still be retaken by requesting the State Police Commission for another exam schedule.
  2. A mailed packet will be sent to the applicant that includes an Availability/Personal Data Questionnaire that must be filled up and sent back within two weeks.
  3. Physical Condition Assessment is the next step for the applicants to comply. They need to pass three events which are the push-ups, sit-ups, 1.5 mile run with time. The Cooper Standards will be the medium of use for the grading of each applicant.
  4. A background check will be conducted next after passing the physical condition assessment which also includes a polygraph test that will be scheduled for each applicant.
  5. Schedule will be disseminated to the applicants for the oral exam.
  6. After completing the application process, there will be a selection board that will conduct in choosing the best applicants to move forward.
  7. A letter for Conditional Offer of Employment will then be sent to the chosen candidates. If the candidate accepts, the letter must be signed and returned within a specific deadline.
  8. A drug test, medical examination and psychological evaluation are conducted next.
  9. After passing the previous step, a Final Offer of Employment will then be sent out for the candidate with information regarding the reporting date and time at the Academy.