How To Become A Police Officer in Kentucky

Being a police officer in Kentucky means you are willing to serve the state and the community 27/4. Even if it’s not your duty, you are still expected to be the model of the law, peace and justice. It is your duty to keep the people and their properties safe and damage free. You also make sure that the citizens and visitors of the state are following the rules and regulations at all times.

The application and selection process are as follows:

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • U.S Citizen
  • Not convicted to cases related to felony, misdemeanor or substance abuse
  • High school graduate / GED / equivalent and has one of the following:
    • Must complete 60 college semesters / hours
    • Must have finished active duty military service
    • Has serves the National Guard or Reserve for 4 years
  • Valid driver’s license

Special Requirements:

  • Pass the pre-employment medical examination with a licensed physician
  • Must submit self for drug testing (negative result)
  • Complete immunization (Hepatitis B)

Background and criminal history check

  • Verification of the submitted documents
    • Education
    • Birth Certificate
    • Driver’s license
    • ID’s

Panel reviews the Documents and qualifications

  • Checks if the candidate passed all the pre-employment tests, background check and submitted all the necessary documents. After which he or she will proceed to written and oral exam.

Oral and Written Examination

  • To evaluate their abilities, comprehension and communication skills.
  • This also includes polygraph tests.


  • 58 weeks to finish
    • Lectures and field duties
  • Will be assigned in different work shifts
  • This is considered to be a probationary employment status

Physical Fitness Tests

A police officer needs to be physically fit in order to perform the job.

  • 300 meter run
  • 1.5 mile run
  • Bench Press
  • Push-ups in 2 minutes
  • Sit ups in 1 minutes

These tests are given to determine  anaerobic power, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and strength.

Retention of employment

If the candidate has performed his or her duties well a permanent employment will be offered. But if on the training there has been unsatisfactory performance the result will lead to termination of employment.