How To Become A Police Officer in Iowa

A Police Officer is a valuable and important member of the law enforcement task force whose responsibilities are to maintain peace and order in the community. They respond in emergency situations like robbery, hostage takings, acts of terrorism and vehicular accidents. They also see to it that the citizens are following the laws and traffic rules.

In general their duties are:

  • Maintain peace and order
  • Enforce the state’s laws
  • Service and assistance

Process to Become a Police Officer in Iowa

The state’s police department is looking for individuals who are responsible and competent to execute the duties as a police officer. They seek men and women who are responsive to the needs of citizens and the community.

Must meet the minimum requirements

  • 18 years old (one of the state that allows below 21 years old to apply)
  • Holds a High School diploma or GED certificate
  • Citizen of The United States
  • Has a valid driver’s license at the time of appointment
  • Vision is 20/20 (corrected)

Email: and signify your interest to join the police department

  • They will be able to receive recruitment packet
  • Submit the documents being asked together with the application

Pass the tests

The tests are given in this order

  • Written exam
  • Physical agility test (administered a day after the written exam)

* all the phases of the agility test

Successful candidate will be given the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Oral interviews

Date and Time will be given after completing the MMPI

  • Prior to hiring the candidate must have successfully passed the POST (National Police Officer Selection TEST)
  • Questions will be based from information gathered when the panel conducted a background check and investigation
  • After the oral exam the interview panel will submit the list of qualified candidate to the Civil Service Commission for Certification

Offered an employment

  • Pre-employment physical exam
  • Begin field training
  • Probationary for 9 months

* Failure to complete the training will result in termination of employment.

Yearly Wage

The average annual salary of a police officer in Iowa is 41,800 dollars.