How To Become A Police Officer in Indiana

Every state needs a protector, someone who prevents crime and patrols the streets and neighborhood. A police officer today is called the hero of this generation. A person who has the passion to help others and without any hesitation would risk his or her own life to save a life. They say that “It brings pride and joy to them to be able to wear the uniform and become an Indiana State Police.”

Their Mission is to:

  • Address crimes and communicate with offenders with professionalism
  • Assist the citizens in any manner as possible
  • Ensure public safety and traffic protocols
  • Protect the community and their belongings at all times
  • Uphold and enforce the State’s laws and regulations

Their duties include:

  • Assist in investigations
  • Investigate vehicle accidents and control traffic in times of disaster
  • Patrolling the state; county, state and roads
  • Provide First Aid
  • Perform other duties

To become a Police Officer In Indiana you need to follow the steps listed below.

Must meet the minimum criteria:

  • US citizen
  • 21 – 40 years old
  • Vision 20/50 corrected
  • Valid driver’s license
  • GED or High School diploma
  • Willing to be assigned anywhere in the State


  1. Register and receive notification about the hiring process and their requirements here at
  2. Written Examination
    • Average IQ and possess a critical thinking mind to respond immediately and correctly in emergency situations
  3. Physical Ability Exam
    • Must be able to have enough strength and endurance to perform the tasks
  4. Oral Interview
    • Polygraph Test
  5. Background investigation
    • Includes interview with family members, cousins, friends and neighbors
  6. Physical Exam & Psychological Test
    • With the state department’s licensed physician and psychologist
  7. Drug Test
    • Must have no traces of marijuana or other substances in the blood or urine
  8. Superintendent’s Review
  9. Academy Training
    • The academy serves as an academic and field training to prepare the trainee with the function, performance and expected responsibilities of a police officer in Indiana.
    • Trainings are on the weekdays, goes home during the weekend. They are paid while on training.
    • A seven month training which comprises of procedures and classes to enhance their knowledge about the constitution and laws of the state.