How To Become A Police Officer in Georgia

When you hear the word Police Officer what comes to your mind? Law? Authority? Protector? All those definitions are correct. A police officer is a member of the law enforcement team who is responsible in upholding the law, making sure that the citizens and the visitors of the state are following the rules and regulations. They have the authority to arrest and detain anyone who commits unlawful acts or behavior that would put the community at risk. Lastly, they are considered to be modern heroes, who protect the weak and the innocent from the criminals. If you think about it, being a police officer can be life threatening because they respond in emergency situations where their lives could be in danger. They often say that “takes pride and joy to be able to serve the country and its people.” Indeed it is.

To become a police officer in Georgia you need to follow these steps:

  1. Look for a Training Academy of your choice, make sure that it is an accredited institution with accordance to Georgia Public Safety Training Center.
    • Usually takes 11 weeks to accomplish the certificate course
    • Tuition fee rate is 3,100 dollars
  2. Complete the Entrance Examination Access Form at a local Technical College
    • To be able to register fill out either the ASSET (paper-based) or COMPASS (computer-based) test
  3. Submit yourself for the background check
    • This would also include a drug test
    • The test shall be administered by the Professional Screening and Information
    • Fee of 245 dollars
  4. Finish the Pre-Service Application for Certification
    • Consists of fingerprint copies and recent physical exam records conducted by a licensed physician
  5. Submit all the requirements together with an application fee to the Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST).
    • A fee of 200 dollars for the POST processing fee

You must be able to meet the minimum criteria

  • 18 years old
  • U.S Citizen
  • High School graduate or GED
  • Not convicted to any crime by the federal government-
    • felony, misdemeanor, disregarding the law, violation of traffic laws or substance abuse
  • Must have a good moral character
  • Physically and psychologically fit to perform the duties expected
  • Valid driver’s license