How to Become a Police Officer in Florida

Florida State has very stringent requirements for certification of police officers.

There are four steps in the certification process. The candidates should find gainful employment as a certified police officer if they have the basic requirements, applicants should have finished all the needed training, and candidates are passers of the State Officer Certification Test.

Step One.  All candidates should comply with the requirements recognized in the Florida Statutes 943.13 and these are:

  • Must be at a minimum of 19 years of age.
  • Should be a citizen of the United States.
  • Applicants for officer of the law enforcement should have a GED or be a high school graduate. Applicants for probational officer should have at least a bachelor’s degree.
  • All candidates have not been sentenced of misdemeanor involving false statement of perjury or felony after the first day of July, 1981.
  • Must not have adishonorablemilitary discharge
  • Should have a file of processed fingerprints with an employment company.
  • Should pass a medical examination performed by a registeredmedical doctor, certified practitioner as an advanced registered nurse, or a physical assistant.
  • Must have good moral character that will be verified by a character background investigation.

Step Two: All Candidates should finish all mandatory training

  • Neophytes or field crossovers are obliged to finish the Basic Abilities Test (BAT) prior to joining a foundational recruit training course. Most schools offer BAT and test results are functional up to 4 years.
  • After completion the BAT applicants are obliged to finish the Certified Crossover Training Program or a Basic Recruit Program in a training institution that is certified by the commission.
  • For previous officers who resigned from police service between 4 to 8 years should finish a Training Equivalency and must have excellent aptitude in high liabilities.
  • For previous officers who resigned from thepolice service for more than 8 years has to finish the BAT and the Crossover or Basic Recruit Training.
  • For federal or military and out of state officers who resigned for less than 8 years should finish equivalency training and show aptitude in high liabilities.

Step Three. After completion of the requisite training, applicants should obtain and pass the State Officer Certification Examination (SOCE). There is a maximum of three trials for obtaining a passing mark. Online registration is available through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Website.

Step Four. SOCE passers will find gainful employment and be officially sworn in as an officer of the state of Florida.  Passers of the Basic Recruit Training and State Officer Certification Examination will be employed as an officer in the state of Florida from the initial date of their Basic Recruit Training Program.


  • Justin

    Thanks for the information, does this steps and requirements applies to all cities of Florida? Pls I want to know.