How to Become a Police Officer in Connecticut

Being a police officer is like being a model of rules and regulations. When we hear the word police officer the first thing that comes to our minds are peace, order, fights crimes and maintain safety of the people. The Police Officers in Connecticut follows their code of ethics by heart:

  • serve mankind
  • to safeguard lives and properties.
  • protect the innocents, weak against oppression and intimidation
  • maintains peace, violence free and an orderly environment
  • respects the constitutional right of all the people to freedom, justice and equality

In order to become a police officer in Connecticut, the aspiring individual must obtain a certification that will acknowledge that he/she has met the requirements and criterias, and completed the training needed to become a police officer which is valid for three years.

The requirements

  • Citizen of the United States
  • 21 years of age
  • Passed the General Education Development test or High School graduate
  • Possess a valid motor vehicle driver’s license
  • Passed the written entrance exam
  • Passed the oral interview with at least one CT Post Council on the panel
  • Fingerprinted and scanned for any records; background check
  • Not convicted to felony, misdemeanor
  • Polygraph exam (POST Council approved polygraph examiners only)
  • Psychological examination
  • Negative on drug test
  • Physically fit to perform duties

A police officer who has met all the requirements but has not yet completed the Basic Training program  can be appointed as “probationary candidate” which is only good for one year. A full certification will be issued once the candidate has completed the basic training at the Connecticut Police Academy or at a Council-approved academy and field training program.

The training program

The candidate must successfully finish the curriculum approved by the POST Council with proper field and departmental training as required in order to obtain an initial certification as a police officer.


The certification will be issued within a year after being hired on a probationary candidate. The police officer needs to obtain the number of training hours required to get the full certification. Then a certified police officer will be given a card and is renewable every three years.