How to Become a Police Officer in Colorado

If you think your calling is to serve the country and help others in times of emergencies or you want to ensure that the community is safe and protected from the criminals, and then being a Police Officer in Colorado might be the best career for you. A police officer is someone who maintains peace and order so that the citizen feels secured and safe.

Steps on How to Become a Police Officer in Colorado

    1.   The aspiring applicant for the Police Officer position needs to apply at then the applicant will receive an application packet that needs to complete before submitting online. Include the following in the application:
      • valid email address for communication
      • answers on the multiple choice questions
      • transcripts of records
      • birth certificate
      • state application
      • cadet application attached to the state application
    2. Instructions will be given to proceed with the testing process which includes written and physical abilities test. Once the applicant passes all the tests administered by the department, the applicant will be placed on the Eligible List.
      • Applicants with disabilities may still apply but must present a Reasonable Accommodation Form (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1991)
    3. Basic background check will be conducted on the qualified applicants on the list. If the applicant passes the background check, psychological evaluation and medical examination they will be given an employment offer.
    4. The new recruit will then attend the Training Academy for 24 weeks operated by the Police Department.

Minimum Qualifications

  • 21 years old
  • Not been convicted to felony, misdemeanor crimes
  • Associates Degree (or 60 college semester hours)
  • US citizen, Permanent Resident Alien, Temporary Resident Alien
  • Not been discharged from the Armed Forces
  • Valid driver’s license


The monthly salary of a new police officer in Colorado is 3,000 – 3,500 dollars which would result in 41,000 – 42,000 dollars per year. But a more experienced police officer can get as high as 44,000 – 52,000 in some areas depending on the location of assignment.