How to Become a Police Officer in Arizona

A police officer is considered to be the most visible community service provider, who is expected to be always professional, takes pride, courteous and establish public confidence. They uphold the law and make sure that the citizens follow the rules and regulations in the state. The police officer’s job is to make sure that the community and the people living in Arizona is safe and danger free.

Included in their responsibilities are :

  • Patrols on the community (streets and neighborhoods)
  • Answering phone calls and respond in fire, vehicular accidents, cases of robbery and other emergency crisis
  • Conducts initial investigation
  • Checks parking meters
  • Escorts prisoners from and to the court (making sure that they are guarded)
  • Assist in searching activities (with search warrant)
  • Assist in interrogation

All police officers must have good communication skills, alertness and intelligence.

To become a Police Officer In Arizona you need to follow the steps:

1. Standard Qualifications

All aspiring police officers should meet the minimum qualifications prior attending the academy.

  • At least 21 years old
  • U.S Citizen
  • High School Graduate or equivalent education
  • No physical impairment verified by a licensed doctor
  • Has not been convicted to felony or any unlawful acts and behavior
  •  Valid Arizona driver’s license

2. Background Investigation

  • Proof of Citizenship or eligibility to work
    • Birth Certificate
    • U.S Passport
    • Certificate of Nationality or Immigration Form
  • Reference and documents from previous employers
  • Law enforcement records
  • Fingerprint scan

3. Police Academy

The cadet should have the knowledge and skill needed to perform his / her duties.

  • Law Enforcement
  • Law and Legal Matters
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Traffic Control
  • Crime Scene Management
  • Community and Police Relations
  • Recording and Reporting (Writing)
  • Police Proficiency Skills

A total of 585 hours of training and coursework as listed above.

4. Comprehensive Final Examination

After completing the training course, the candidate must pass the Board approved CFE (Comprehensive Final Exam) to obtain the Certification of Police Officer in the state of Arizona.

Police Officer Jobs in Arizona

  • Full authority Police Officer
  • Specialty Police Officer
  • Limited-authority Police Officer
  • Limited correctional Police Officer