How to Become a Police Officer in Alaska

A police officer Alaska is someone who protects the citizens, the community and their properties through enforcement of the laws and regulation of the State. The normally check parking meters for violations, patrolling in the neighborhood, preliminary investigation, implementing traffic rules and be able to have independent judgment in times of emergencies.  In addition police officers may also assist in conducting searches and interrogations. Even if the job is stressful and life threatening, it can be extremely rewarding and satisfying being able to serve the country and people.

Follow steps on how to become police officer:
1.    Must meet the Requirements

  • 21 of age
  • Citizen of the United States of America
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Clean criminal background with no conviction to any felony or drug related cases
  • Physically and psychologically fit to work
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Not an illegal substance user
  • The requirements include the application form and the supporting documents required by the State such as Birth certificate, Transcript of records, vocational training certificates, etc.

2.    Pass the Tests

  • Physical Fitness Test – The applicant needs to be physically fit to be able to prevent the risk of injury or fatigue in times of duty which includes vision and hearing test. Passing this phase will reduce the number of sick leave and retirement due to injury and disability.
  • Psychological Test – This includes a polygraph examination, to ensure that they have the mental capacity to handle crisis situations with application of their critical thinking and judgment.
  • Drug Test – To make sure that they are not addicted to any substance that will hinder or cloud their perception in times of emergencies.

3.    Interview

  • An interview with the members of the police department to verify stated information’s and clarifications in the application.
  • A more indepth knowing of your characteristics and skills needed for the job

4.    Attend the Training Program

  • A formal training program to develop defensive skills, firearms training, learn more about the laws and regulations, protocols and other important procedures.

5.    Graduate

  • After completing the training program, the graduate will be eligible to apply for the certification and can now apply for any vacant position in the State Police Department.