How to Become a Police Officer in Alabama

If you want a career in law enforcement and public service, it would be a good choice if you will join and become a police officer in Alabama. A police officer work hand in hand with the citizens and other agencies to maintain peace and order, and make sure that the people in the community and their properties are safe. They risk their lives for others that is why it is considered to be a noble career.

Duties of a police officer includes:

  • catching criminals and law violators
  • collect evidence in crime scenes
  • testify in court if necessary
  • patrols the streets and neighborhoods
  • protect the citizens
  • give tickets to driving violators
  • responds in emergency calls and request for public assistant
  • assist in investigations


  • Must be at least 18-21 years old
  • High School graduate, GED certification holder or college level
  • Citizen of the United States
  • Driver’s License
  • Physically fit
  • No psychological impairment
  • Graduate from an accredited training agency or academy
  • Not convicted to felony

Steps on How to Become a Police Officer in Alabama

  • Must pass the application form together with all the required documents

Selection Process

  • All the applicants will be screened if they met the qualifications
  • checks if they have submitted all the documents
  • physical and mental health status record
  • Background Investigation
  • Police Chief’s Interview


  • Prior to the training they will be given a physical test to determine their endurance and flexibility
  • Needs to complete the 480 hours of academy training
  • Assignments
    • Patrol Operations
    • Operation support
    • Special Resources ( Criminal Investigation, Narcotics, Residential Life Community)


  • Must have an overall score of 70% in the written exam
  • Physical agility test
  • Firearms test

After passing the examination, the Police officer can now apply in the nearest Police Department in their area.


A police officer in Alabama receives a salary of 36,000 – 45,000 dollar a year.

Police Officer Jobs in Alabama

  1. Alabama State Trooper
  2. State Capitol Police Officer
  3. Service Patrol Operator
  4. Criminal Intelligence Analyst