Serving people with the provision of enough security is always required. Police officers are in the front line when it comes to the aspect of protection for common people. Additionally, several crimes take place in cities and villages these days needing the requirement of some official protection force. The role of a becomes crucial in this regard. People feel more secure in the protection offered by an official always. This is what covers a police officer job description.

Additionally, protection of property and avoiding vandalism are some of the duties carried out by a police officer on a regular basis. Controlling the outburst of angry agitators during political unrest is one the challenging tasks handled by any official on duty. It requires a lot of patience and timeliness in dealing with sensitive situations.

How to Become

Incumbents planning to serve by joining the police force need to have a thorough knowledge regarding the training details and requirement process.

  • Requirements

You need to possess minimum educational qualifications as part of the requirements, which will vary depending upon the various ranks in the police force. A written test would be conducted based upon which you will be invited to participate in further rounds. As far as physical personality is considered, you should match with the minimum bodily measurements specified.

  • Training

Rigorous training schedule would be conducted, which will continue for few weeks. Your physical alertness would be tested in various ways such as running long distances and lifting heavy weights. Additionally, the candidates would be given training to operate weapons as well.

Where to Enroll

Contacting an official at the Police Officer Training Academy is your first step in your quest of becoming a police officer. You are required to submit an application that has to be duly filled by providing accurate information. The best way to enroll is by contacting in person at any of the state academy.

Your application will be scanned from various aspects and the final results will be announced. The selection of your candidacy will be purely based on the merit apart from the kind of excellence you have shown academically and the goals you have achieved in life such as participating in sports meets and other similar events.

Jobs Opportunities

Looking for police officer jobs will be easy when you search online. Maximum information will be provided over the official websites of the State Police Officer Academy that will take you through all the details needed. Separate notifications will be released on a random basis as and when any requirement is there.

Obtaining a handsome income as your police officer salary is possible as long as you perform your duties in a perfect manner. Additionally, you will be promoted to higher ranks in a short span of time. Receiving president medals and other awards will become very common as part of your career. Balancing your personal life and carrying out official duty are something that are a must for any police officer.

According US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median annual wage of police and detectives was $55,010 in May 2010.